2022 NCAA Final Four – in Nawlins

A Blue Blood Final Fourwhat a treat!

The Bluest of the Blue!

But, let’s be honest here for a brief moment. Diehard basketballers, TrueBlue fans, and hoops purists have to be rooting/pulling for Villanova. Why, you ask? I’m glad you asked that question.

The Blue Bloods have all the advantages in life, like folks who inherit money, rather than EARN it.

Everything is handed to them on silver platters…Work? What’s that?
They don’t need talent (see Paris Hilton), as they generally buy fame/notoriety or whatever else they need.
Folks readily kiss the ring/rear looking for crumbs from the table. .
They get loads of press simply because they are one of the “moneyed elite Haves”, not due to any significant notable contribution.
They can break rules with impunity…who cares. “I’m (so & so) and above the rules.”

Kansas: The hate goes wayback – to the 50’s-60’s. Wild Bill has joyfully continued the legacy at KU. Rules? What rules? We’re KU…we make our own rules. Old Bill is hurriedly, doggedly trying to sneak in one mo’ title before the latest round of potential sanctions (…and hoping for a UNC Cheat outcome) hit Lawrence. Not this year Bill.

KU will have no choice but to fire Mr. Self if the NCAA lays down the hammer hard.

Duke: Speaking of rules. GOAT K is notorious for making his own rules, as he goes along. He ‘owns’ the NCAA, but allows them to govern the rest of college basketball. Making his Farewell Tour this season – The GOAT/Godfather of college basketball!

It is a given that the organization wants to present him with another championship as he exits – stage right. Primarily due their fear of him, plus he is the winningest coach of all time. It’s a done deal!

North Carolina: Long line of preferential treatment, including their last scandal – TWENTY plus years of continuous cheating! Not even a hand slap? My boy Roy…he was well trained at UNC-KU-UNC in the fine arts of scandal-proofing. Any other year and UNC (even with this rookie coach) would have a shot at grabbing another ring…not THIS year.

This is K’s swan song year and the NCAA will not allow anyone to mess it up!
Sorry UNCCheat, maybe next year.

Villanova: The odd one out in this August group. A relatively newer BB, and one without a long, sordid, mottled history. These guys are a clean group…in comparison to their elite brethren above! Leisure suit Larry, errr, jazzy GQ Jay Wright, is a choirboy/altar boy compared to his counterpart coaches above. What a breath of fresh air. A big-time coach who has not yet become jaded, compromised, sold his soul. Say it ain’t SOOO! Villanova may not have the best talent, but is the Best TEAM of this Final Four group.

Nova upsets the applecart and all ‘the Best laid plans of mice & men‘ and wins another Natty. Coach Wright outlasts Coach K and sends him out the door with a Radnor size 12 up his heiney!


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