Trojans n Bruins to the B1G…

Who says history doesn’t repeat itself. Why it was only last summer when OU and UT declared their intent to join the SEC. Now here we go again – the two LA LA land schools bolting to the B1G!

Many thought the Big Ten was behind the curve in competing with the SEC. Well, looks as though we were incorrect. And…while the PAC-12 may have been caught lacking, USC/UCLA seem to have been working overtime, huh.

The Big Ten tonight accepted the applications of both the West Coast schools…pretty much a done deal. So much for Dorothy, KU, and Emerald City’s quest for B1G membership.

Look for BYU to reconsider its options, for the Zags to get a PAC-12 invite, and for SDSU and Lavin’s USD to fight like hell to get into the PAC-12.

What domino is next to fall? Who the heck knows at this point.

Stay tuned and break out your popcorn…