Notre Dame to B1G? Nahhh.

Touchdown Jesus

Notre Dame to the B1G? Don’t hold your breath.

Here we go again on the ND to the B1G caroussel. The B1G makes a move on some WC schools and says they want ND too. It ain’t happening. Too much bad blood, bad history, under the bridge. And it makes no financial sense for Notre Dame.

Back in the day (2011 to be precise) Matt Matare did an article for Bleacher Report on this very subject. The article is just as relevant today as then. Matt listed 10 reasons why it ain’t happening. The most to the point are:

Such a move cuts ND’s national schedule – regionalizing the school. Notre Dame capitalizes on it’s national schedule, giving its fanbase ample opportunity to see the team.

ND has an exclusive deal with NBC TV. Any courting by Fox/ESPN only gives the Irish fuel for upping the ante with NBC.

Why share power? They turned down a 11-12 team B1G, and you expect them to join a 16-20 team B1G? The B1G has always envied the Irish and once banned them. ND controls its own destiny, why share power/money with 16 or more other teams that don’t have your best interest at heart.

The B1G brings nothing to the table for Notre Dame. It would bring a little more revenue in the short term, but the long term damage joining the conference would do to the Notre Dame brand would easily outweigh the temporary gain.

Speculation: Should the ACC get raided by either the SEC or B1G, look for ND to park all of it’s non-football sports in the Big East, keeping their football independent.