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Coach Mac on Sharp & Benning Podcast – today – August 9, 2022.

Opportunity to rant

I had the opportunity to have a good rant today. An X guy on Holyland asked ‘Why CU settled’ on Dotzler as a 2023 PG recruit? I ‘m sure he really meant no harm, merely curiosity. The more I read it, the more worked up I got.

by xukeith » Wed Aug 10, 2022 7:34 am

Why would Creighton settle for Josiah Dotzler for a pg? What do the BlueJays see that all of America does not?

by gtmoBlue » Wed Aug 10, 2022 1:42 pm

SETTLE? Settle??

Well, they’ve been watching him for years. Jays were cool on him, but liked him. He’s been a fan, ballboy, lived on Campus for years..dream school. Nebr. PoY, #1 player. Creighton is in the kid’s blood. Mac told him to improve over the Spring and summer and we’ll see. Jays have a ton of guards at the moment. Dotzler went to work, improved significantly during the spring. played with MoKan Elite during AAU Spring & Summer. Good player on the EYBL Peach Jam Champs team. Jays offered him after the Peach Jam Championship. Great size and significant upside for Josiah. He’ll grow and develop well (4-year player) in Mac’s system. It’s ALWAYS good to keep a scholie in your pocket for a good-to-great local kid.

Are there better PGs…probably. Jays had 8 offers out on PGs. But Dotzler had a couple of cards up his sleeve. He’s a Bellevue West HS PG. Nobody makes better PGs & we’ve had a few over the years. (Josh Dotzler, Antoine Young- CU, Chucky Hepburn-Wisc)

AND he’s a Legacy recruit to boot. His older brother Josh played PG for lil Cr8n – 2005-09. He played 117 games.

Josiah was born a Creighton Bluejay. Now, hear me… There are a couple of guys ahead of him on the roster, so he’s not starting day 1. But, he will be in the rotation in 2023-24, so in a couple of years who knows. Great kid.

If it looks like a Jay, walks like a Jay, shrill calls like a Jay…It must be a Dotzler. 

Jays didn’t ‘settle’ for Josiah – He’s always been a Creighton Bluejay – He’ll do us proud. … creighton/


Supposedly, the Jays are not done recruiting/commits early. Helmzy said a few days back to expect more soon. Folks been guessing, others just milling about smartly – waiting.

It was another “busy day” under the dome of the Oklahoma Capitol… “milling about smartly.” The term is typically used to describe the activity of certain (military) enlisted troops pretending to actually work when in the presence of an officer. 

Fresh off their well-deserved 98-hour break from the arduous work of writing and passing laws, the House of Representatives picked up right where they left off at 10:57 a.m. on Thursday, which was nowhere in particular and moving with the alacrity of a sun-baked slug.

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Arthur Kaluma

Creighton Athletics photo

Way to go Butler… Butlerguru

Media Disrespect continues… –

This tweet below is indicative of the perception not only of the sports public, but notably as well, of the major media outlets. This is where the disrespect, the lack of knowing/disregarding the facts, and the general – generational biases are grounded.

This cesspool of ignorance is where media talking heads like Parish and Norlander hogwaller, where they and their media brethren communally slurp week-old swill at the trough. This is what Creighton Basketball is up against – not teams – but a misshapen and purposefully misrepresented perception which is continually & habitually fed to the gross, unwashed sports masses. Even when they are aware of the facts, they (Norlander) conveniently disregard, ignore, or ‘forget’ said facts. It’s not a local or regional ‘bias’, as winning can overcome those – turning said bias into good ol’ hate. No, this borders on a campaign to feign ignorance, to systematically obscure, scramble, and/or omit facts to suit their on-air agenda.

Creighton’s ONLY weapon is to WIN…Win big, win consistently & continually, win against all-comers. Only a string of consistent winning and NCAA Runs will quell, quiet, and vanquish these beasts. Regular SS and EE runs will kill this campaign. A Final Four run will kill this campaign. An NCAA Championship will kill this campaign.


Legacy – Bellevue West HS Thunderbirds…Point Guard High.