Coach Kevin Ollie Wins AGAIN

KO Slamdunks UConn 2-0

Coach Kevin Ollie and his legal team slamdunked UConn back in January 22nd, 2022, winning his arbitration case…to the tune of $11 Million.

Now, here in September, 2022, Coach Ollie & company did it again. Slamming UConn in his wrongful termination lawsuit. Ollie’s team was awarded $3.9 Million to exonerate/clear his name and to pay attorney fees.

Way to go Coach Ollie.

UConn couldn’t wait to can Ollie, so that they could bring on favored son Dan Hurley. And they did…less than 2 weeks later (12 days) without a coaching search of any kind. They had wanted Hurley for quite a while, but needed pretext to get rid of Ollie. They did what they did…and are now paying double for it. Call it poetic justice.

Sportswatch 15 sep 22

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