New City Ordinance – Saluki’s, Bulldogs, other canines to be Neutered

Well, Its’ about Time!

Omaha’s Mayor has instituted a measure to curb the rash of bad dog activities within the city. All dogs with a history of misconduct (Saluki’s, Bulldogs, and Pit Bulls) will be labelled as “Potentially Dangerous dogs” and MUST be spayed/neutered, leashed & muzzled when leaving the owners property. Saluki’s and Bulldogs may not be left unattended within the city limits, or at local sports venues (Quest Center Omaha, Rosenblatt Stadium, the Civic), or at local university venues. Further these bad dogs will be microchipped (at owner expense) in order to monitor their activities and locations while in the city limits.

This is a long overdue ordinance which is a definite boon to curbing the recent rash of Bulldog and Saluki bad behavior and impertinence in Omaha. “Reckless Owners” and collaborators ( Universities, coaches, & fans) of these breeds will be subject to fines and penalities for disobedience of this ordinance.

Some of the new provisions are listed below:

“Potentially dangerous dog” designation: Any dog could receive the label based on behavior. Dog must be spayed or neutered, receive a microchip to identify them, and be muzzled and leashed when not on owner’s property. Owner and dog must attend classes on behavior and responsible ownership.

“Reckless owners”: Dog owners would be banned from owning animals for two years if they violate the city’s animal rules on three separate occasions within a two-year period.

Limits on tethering: No dog can be tied up outdoors for more than 15 minutes at one time unless a trolley system, which allows for more movement, is used. Trolley tethering can’t last more than an hour.

Higher fees: Pet owners pay more to license an animal to fund the enforcement of new rules.
— Spayed or neutered dogs: Increase $5 to $20 in 2009; another $5 increase to $25 in 2011.
— Spayed or neutered cats: Increase $3 to $15 in 2009.

It’s about time the local politicians took a stand on the grievous situation and took actions to control these dangerous and disrespectful dog breeds.

God Bless America, and Mayor Fahey. You gotta love it…the matter will be approved by the City Council in September, in time for the upcoming Basketball season.
It’s your time NOW, Jays…
you gotta have Heart and
when in doubt – just WIN!