Jays Crashing into the Polls!

Cindy’s Here!

Well, well, well. Looky here.
Looks as though Cinderella has been invited to the ball. This year’s media darling, the Creighton Bluejays (Azulejos) have joined a few of the national rankings.
College Sports Madness Top 25 – # 25 (20 Nov 11)
CBS Sports Top 25 (and one) – #23 (21 Nov 11)
Espn/Coaches Poll – # 25 (21 Nov 11)
Some of the Creighton fans will cry – as they always want to fly “under the radar” and sneak up on teams. Well, not this year.
Naysayers will cry – Who? Crayton? Crieton? They don’t “deserve” to be ranked!
None-the-less here we are. The Mighty, Mighty Creighton Bluejays have cracked the Polls.
It’s about time!
Overrated? Undeserving? Not ready for prime time? We shall see.
IMO the Azulejos are “In it to win it.”
IMO they will carry a ranking for the remainder of this season…and move up, no less.
As for deserving of a ranking…Let’s talk Arizona, or any of the teams who dropped out the last 2 weeks, or UCLA even. The polls are a beauty contest. No team should have any ranking prior to the 3rd or 4th week of the season. The pundits always start off with the usual suspects, until upsets (of which there are many this season- already) force them to drop some of their BCS beauties.
Heck, if new addition(s) to the various polls don’t last, then oh well. It can’t be said that they were not given their shot.
Way to go Coaches Poll, good call early…no let’s see what transpires. This ought to be GOOD!
Go Jays! Go Big Blue!
– love ya,