November: Early Reasons for Thanksgiving

Jays Making Moves for Turkeyday

21 Nov 2011 – Omaha, NB

November is historically a good month in Creighton Sports. Generally the Soccer Jays are in the NCAA Tourney and the Basketball Jays are ‘normally’ making an early season run. This November the cake has icing on it

Creighton is the overall #2 Seed and a regional host school in the 2011 NCAA Soccer Tournament. The Bluejays are getting a lot of ink as attested by the story below. As a high seed the Jays received a 1st round bye. The futbol Jays blanked Northern Illinois in the 2nd Round of NCAA Soccer play and face #15 Seed, UC Santa Barbara in next weekend’s 3rd Round, at Morrison Stadium.

On the other side of the Creighton Regional… Top Ranked (#1) in the polls, but only 10th Seeded – New Mexico takes on #7 Seed South Florida. The Lobos were definitely slighted by the tourney committee and should have a very large “chip” on their collective shoulder. I would not be surprised to see New Mexico as a quarterfinals participant, on 03 Dec 11.

Meanwhile, the Soccer Jays basketball brethren have begun the season very well, starting off with a 4-0 record and 2 consecutive road victories. The latest win being a blowout over the Iowa Hawkeyes, an 82-59 final, at the Dale Howard Classic, in Des Moines, IA yesterday.

The hoops Jays have received a lot of preseason hype and love by the media pundits, resulting in votes in both major polls, and rankings in a few others. Now the good folks at College Sports Madness have broken the ice and included Creighton in their Top 25, at #25 / NCAA Tourney 7 Seed, this week. Expect one or both of the major polls (AP or Coaches) to follow suit later today.

Creighton is averaging 86 ppg while holding opponents to 61 ppg. This team is showing a propensity to continue to press in scoring – not letting up on opponents, AND a propensity to playing sticky defense! Two factors which were sorely missing last season.

November is normally a good month in Creighton Sports. November 2011 has the makings of an exceptionally good month for the this year’s Creighton Bluejays. More to follow.