Jays Postseason – 2012 NCAA Basketball Tournament

Win the Weekend. Bring home the Trophy!

Jays Fall vs Tarheels 73 – 87

Greensboro, NC.

18 March 2012

8-seed Creighton took on the 1-Seed, North Carolina in the 3rd Round matchup of the NCAA Midwest Regional. The game started with both teams matching score for score. Previously injured Tarheel player John Henson started for Carolina. A key play early was when Creighton’s Grant Gibbs attempted a steal of a Henson rebound, at the 13:44 mark. Gibbs’ swipes were interpreted as attempts to aggravate Henson’s injury and he bumped Gibbs, resulting in a TO on Henson. Notable was CU’s 5 of 14 shooting to this point. Several missed layups and tipins by Doug, AY, and GG. Doug made 1 of 2 TO Freethrows. CU did not score again until the 10:53 mark, having missed 4 more shots and down by 8 points. The UNC teams play intensified after this incident and they pulled away to a 10 point lead for most of the 1st half. Creighton closed to within 8, with a missed opportunity on a Young drive in the lane to further reduce the gap. Also Wragge was wide open for a potential 3 on this closing play of the half. Looking at the Play-by-Play Creighton shot an astounding 14 of 41 1st half shots, 34.1% from the field. That also means the Jays only took 27 2nd half shots? (14 of 27 – 51.8% in 2nd half?)

Jays shot 28 of 68 for 41.2% for the game. 9 of 12 FTs – 75%

Heels shot 33 of 65 for 50.8%. 13 of 19 FTs – 68.4%

Jays had an 8 point deficit at halftime. They would get no closer. Looked as though they were attempting to close the gap btwn the 6 & 5 minute marks, but UNC’s Barnes answered the threat with back to back 3 pt shots to maintain a double digit margin. Final: UNC 87 – Jays 73

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    29-5 Creighton takes on the 30-5 Tarheels in the #1 vs #8 Matchup.

    ESPN’s Myron Medcalf’s piece:


    Fullcourt Press Preview of the Game. http://www.cbssports.com/video/player/play/videos/zHn_zFnI0iVZrBaj8Jp2rdWY4T6Ls8XI/unc-creighton-preview Ol’ Roy was being diplomatic, but could barely bring himself to mouth the word ‘Creighton’, in his remarks.

    ESPN: Creighton – North Carolina Preview. http://scores.espn.go.com/ncb/preview?gameId=320780153

    ESPN Preview of the Game. http://espn.go.com/mens-college-basketball/team/_/id/153/north-carolina-tar-heels


    http://whiteandbluereview.com/?p=17597 “Dangerous Diaries” from Greensboro.

    One Down, Five to go…

    Creighton’s Run in the 2012 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has begun. The Jays are seeded 8th in the Midwest Regional and were paired against a stalwart defensive team, the 9th seed Crimson Tide of Alabama.

    Alabama’s defense controlled the pace of most of the game, and they were surprisingly effective shooting – both 2’s and 3’s. The Tide led by 7 at the half, 30-23. Alabama came out well to start the 2nd half, building their lead to 11 points, before the game swung to the Jays favor…see links below.

    Creighton wins: 58-57. Advance to face #1 Seed North Carolina in the 3rd Round.

    Links: 03/16/12 versus Univ of Alabama – Greensboro, NC







    http://whiteandbluereview.com/?p=17597 “Dangerous Diaries” from Greensboro.