2012 MVC Baseball Tournament Champs

REPEAT MVC Tournament Champions!

Surprise, Surprise – Tourney Redemption

MVC Tourney Magic extends Middling-Piddling Season on Strong Note

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A Creighton Baseball Team which has been up and down all season long surprisingly won the 2012 MVC Baseball Tournament yesterday in Springfield, MO.  The Jays repeat as tourney champs! What a pleasant little surprise indeed.  The rollercoaster ride which has been the 2012 Baseball regular season careened to a halt last week with a 5-5 record in their last 10 games, losing series to both Dallas Baptist and Wichita State in Omaha.  The Jays finished the regular season with an abysmal 22-28 record on the year.

Appropriately the Bluejays were seeded last (8th) in the 8 team MVC Tournament field, held this week in Springfield, MO.  Most prognosticators expecting an early end to the Jays woes, since paired against MVC Champ Indiana State in the 1st Round.  Many undoubtedly hoping for an early demise from the losers bracket, then doing the analysis of what went wrong with the season…and so forth.

But lo and behold!  Creighton found its’ mojo and beginning in the 1st Round (last Tuesday) and they began to click.  Pitching, hitting, defense all began resurrecting for the team.  Suddenly, life has new meaning, to me…There’s music from above…; er…sorry ’bout that… 
Suddenly, the Jays began to play up to their potential.  Suddenly, this team looked like the team they were supposed to be all year.  They played well all week, all tourney, and are now the repeat MVC Baseball Tournament Champions!  
Wonders never cease to amaze.  

Now its’ off to the NCAA Tournament.  We’d best enjoy this while it lasts, rollercoasters are like that.  
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Go Jays!