Within the Eye of the Realignment Storm

It’s High Time for the Missouri Valley Conference to Act.

Commissioner Needs to be Aggressive, Proactive, and Swift.

2 quick points and a MVC Rant…

1) The dust has temporarily settled again on this round of conference alignment and the BE, MWC, and C-USA lost. According to Luke Winn of SI, the ACC, SEC, and A-10 made member gains. The Big 10 and Missouri Valley Conference (MVC) gained by standing pat. The A-10 held at #9 within conference rankings, even with gains.  
C-USA was the biggest loser during this round of conference musical chairs.

http://cnnsi.com/2012/writers/luke_winn … t=cb_wr_a2

2) The Football schools keep spending…creating a greater gap, not just between Non-BCS & BCS, but ironically also within their own ranks. Texas, of course, is playing the Pied Piper of the spending tune.

http://www.teamspeedkills.com/2012/5/15 … s#comments 

Realignment and increased spending will be the death knell to collegiate sports as they have been known up to this point. Some posters over at MVCFans.com referred to soccer and mini pro-type leagues…unfortunately, it may well end up that way. Let us hope not. However, in the meantimes…

Now is the time for Commissioner Elgin to rise from his seat and ACT. Now is an excellent time for the MVC to be proactive and strike with its’ own expansion plan. No need to wait any longer. Realignment is already out in the weeds (CAA, C-USA, A-10, WCC, MWC, WAC, etc.) as many of the non-BCS leagues are now involved.

The Missouri Valley Conference should boldly expand to a 14-team league:  

Although many favor adding St. Louis University, from the A-10 Conference to the mix, their President, Fr. Biondi and the SLU Board do not share their Basketball Coach Rick Majerus’ enthusiasm for the MVC. The St. Louis TV market# would enhance our bargaining position for media contracts, however it appears they “don’t want to be here”.  Others have readily named University of Dayton as another A-10 candidate.  However, there have been no known discussions with either school.  Furthermore, A-10 expansion is ongoing with no apparent dissent within the membership.  Butler University (Horizon) is no longer a viable candidate as they have agreed to join the A-10 Conference in 2013.  

–  Invite (rescue) Tulsa University from the dregs of C-USA.  Extend an offer to re-join the MVC.  Tulsa can park their Football team where most advantageous.  
–  Invite both Loyola-Chicago* and Wisc-Milwaukee* of the Horizon League to join.  
– As the 4th new accession invite the best available team.  There are several additional candidates:  

DePaul University is a reach candidate as far as joining the MVC.  DePaul would boost revenue streams in   joining an expanded Missouri Valley, but further Big East disintegration is needed to prompt such bold moves.
Although I looked long and hard at both Colorado State University and the University of Wyoming, neither MWC team brings any consistent upside to the table.  Other possibles as a 4th new accession: 

New Mexico State
Western Kentucky
Oral Roberts
one of the Dakota schools or 
new Div 1 team – Nebraska-Omaha

This is a very opportune window in which MVC Commissioner Elgin should begin gunning for new members.

#The St. Louis and Chicago TV market additions would triple MVC viewership and enhance our bargaining position for media contracts. 
* Adding Chicago and Milwaukee to our marketshare will boost our media contracting position, and while not as optimal as say Chicago/St Louis, will still provide a revenue boost for the MVC and an additional potential Tourney site in Chicago.