More on the 2013’s

Ah recruiting… the lifeblood of sports.  Where the rubber meets the road of program development and growth.   Recruiting.  The chessmatch of future fame and glory.

The White and Blue Review has put out a new update on Creighton’s 2013 recruiting prospects.  It differs from both their previous efforts and the Rivals site efforts, insofar as it appears to concentrate on many of the more recent offerees.  Texas, Missouri, and Iowa kids are numerous, with a smattering of
Illinois, Mass., NYC, & Wiscy kids for good measure.  All the candidates are above average to excellent proven players, there are no Diamonds-in-the-Rough in this group. 

A few have stated high interest in the Creighton Program, others are curious, and some have heard word-of-mouth from current Jays and Coaches.

Omaha’s Own:  Akoy Agau

Stated Interest:  Toby Hegner, Andrew Chrabascz, Tory Miller
Hassan Martin, Nick Fuller, Jeremy Morgan, Soma Edo
Dondre Alexander,
AJ Riley

Curious:  Zach Hanson, D’Andre Downey,
Leyton Hammonds
Marcus Foster, Kevin Johnson, (E C Mathews)
(Terrence Samuel)

Word of Mouth:  Ted Friedman, D’Andre Downey
Dalton Franken
Kendall Harris, Peter Jok, Shirmane Thomas, Jared Brownridge,

Left off this report:  SF Nathan Hawkins-Tx, SG E C Mathews-Michigan, PG Terrence Samuel-NYC, PG Kiefer Douse-Can, PG Ty Taylor-Mizzou

Jays coaching staff is continuing hard at work, behind the scenes – as we speak.  Given their work and potentials for unexpected activities this summer, here are my picks/guesses for the Class of 2013.  I am going 4 deep as I expect Run-DMD to go pro after the upcoming season.

My Top Picks guess:

PF Akoy Agau, Omaha
PF Andrew Chrabascz, Massachusetts
SF Hassan Martin, NYC
SG Kendal Harris, Texas

Most Likely Picks guess:

PF Andrew Chrabascz, Massachusetts
SF Hassan Martin, NYC
SF Soma Edo, Texas
SG Marcus Foster, Texas  or PG A J Riley, Illinois (if needed)
Long Shot Picks guess:
PF Akoy Agau, PF Tory Miller
SF Leyton Hammonds, SF Jeremy Morgan
SG Kendal Harris, SG Nick Fuller, (E C Mathews)
PG (Terrence Samuel)