Ignore us if you like – media talking heads!

We Jays will not vaporize, we will not disappear, nor we will not go quietly into the good night.

We’re gonna raise hell all year in 2012-13!

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Well, I am REALLY GLAD you asked? From the balcony of the Creighton Marriott Dwtn, here on the balmy Florida Gulf Coast.  As I look out over the azul waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Blue glasses on, with cold blue vodka cocktail in hand – one cannot help but think about the upcoming sports year for the Creighton University Bluejays (mi Azulejos). 

As I look out upon the waters and reflect on the media stories irt my Jays… I am Pissed. My Bluejays are being taken for granted, they are being slighted! We should be seeing double the amount of stories, articles, and features being published! After all, we have the ONLY 1st Team All-American returning in all of college basketball, who also happens to be one of the top Div 1 collegiate scorers. We have one of the deepest, most experienced teams returning, nationwide. 

Who cares how many players are _hitcanned at UCONN, Louisville, or UCLA. Who cares how many Top 25 commits will not pass the NCAA Clearinghouse. Who gives a _hit (hoot) about Calipari, Bo Ryan, Crean, or Pitino – or whether old man Jim Calhoun will have a coronary in his office. 

We are a Top 20 team, and all CNNSI can come up with is a rehashed story on GMU & CU “whining”? Please. They’d (the media rags) best go grab some new recruits themselves – out of Journalism school. This is pathetic. The talking heads are leaving CU off many of the varied and assorted summer hoops lists, surveys, and opinion polls.  example:  

“Let’s ignore Creighton, maybe they’ll go away. If nothing else, let’s not do the Creighton/McDermott Gravy Train, like last season – as that little middie is beginning to believe they ‘belong’ with the big boys. Last NCAA, some people were actually rooting FOR Creighton, against UNC…can you believe that?” 

There is no such thing as too much press, too much publicity. There is such a thing as a school being slighted, being insulted, being taken for granted.  Bolovich’s Footie squad, Big Mac’s Hoops team, and Ed’s Small Ball hitters – Raise the Colors and raise the bar.  Raise hell in the non-conference and in the MVC.  Strike fear and loathing into the hearts of our opponents.  We’d much rather have respect than friendship or affection. 

There is such a thing as the Jays using such media fodder or lack thereof, as ammunition, as the foundation for a massive ‘chip on the shoulder’ this coming season. We are not getting the respect requisite for the season we had last year nor for the reasonable expectations as one of the top teams for the coming season. 

We have one of the best teams in the country returning this upcoming season…guess we’ll just have to go out and prove it…Again!