It Ain’t Braggin’ if you can Back It Up!

The fellas over at ESPN, the WWL in Sports, didn’t accept my preseason college hoops ballot.  Needless to say they didn’t post it in their predictions either.  

Folks in the Media used to say Muhammad Ali was a braggert, a buffoon, a bag of hot air, amongst other descriptive terms.  (God no, I am not comparing myself or this measly blog to The Greatest – merely attempting to make a point.). It ain’t bragging, nor hot air, IF you can back it up (like The Champ did countless times).
Creighton has the weapons, the experience, the heart, the hunger, And the swagger to “back it up” this season.  Jays win their inaugural Big East campaign – 2013-14 Big East Champions.

A few of the faithful over on the WBR are beginning to believe what some others have said all along:
  –  This season/year is a special one in the annals of Creighton Bluejay Basketball.
  –  That we are in store for potentially a record breaking – record setting season.
  –  That this move to the Big East is the bellwether of a new era of achievement in the Creighton Legacy.

Several are still projecting potential losses for the 2nd half of the season.  Some cling to their old MVC notions of swoons – slumps – and the like…as though the sky will fall at any second.  BUT… a few however, are siting their “inner gtmo” and now are projecting great accomplishments on the part of this seasons’ Jays team.

The Jays look great, and are managing wins, even when occasionally playing subpar to their season averages…a good sign.  Today Creighton moved up to 12th in both the Coach’s and AP polls.  Most of the bracketology pundits have CU projected as a 3 or 4 seed for the Dance.  No remaining conference opponent stands out as being “better” than CU, but the fellas will have to remain stalwart, play well, and not slack off.

All in all a great season for being a Bluejay fan thus far (every year is a great one for some of us Jays), and with record numbers of Jays going to NYC for the conference tourney.   The reasonable possibility of getting a NCAA berth in St Louis would be icing on the cake.  It is shaping up / aligning into potentially a incredible scenario for our Jays.  You ought to be in NYC in March…if not, then definitely at the NCAAs this season and be a part of a great Creighton Run.

AND I plan to collect Warren Buffett’s billion…
Creighton Bluejays Win the 2013-2014 NCAA Division1 Basketball Championship.  

PS:  It’s a year or 2 LATE in my opinion.
LE:  John Ewing and the folks over at Prediction Machine have surprised us all! They have the Jays as the most likely to win the NCAA Tourney (and of course make the FF).  Who da thunk it?