The Threshing has been done, Now the good part.

Winnowing the Recruiting Wheat from the Chaff.

The Summer travel basketball is done.  Coaches got to take a good look at many of their recruiting prospects at the several camps, tourneys, and AAU events.  Recruits now know who is serious in their recruitments and their lists have begun to be pared down, visits are being taken, and 2015 verbal commitments have begun…in earnest.

The Jays hoops staff participated in several of the above events, watching the young men they hope to sign in November.  Creighton’s list had grown to over 50 recruits, but has now been threshed out.  The listing below (15 men) are those seeming still most active by the staff and the recruits.  Several, including some local frosh and sophomores either have visited or are scheduled to visit the Hilltop in the near future.  There were some surprises as well.  Now comes the good part, the winnowing out the future Bluejays from the rest.  Recruiting…ya gotta love it.  Bluenotes picks in royal blue.

Priority Recruits:  PG and PF have been identified by many as priorities for the Bluejays.  Signing a 2015 PG is the top requirement for this class.  The most active candidates still in play are:

Glynn Watson – CU in final 5 (up from 3) (Top 100)
Justin Robinson – CU in final 6 (Top 100-Scout)
Chad Lott – CU in final 6 (9Aug14) (Top 150)
Roosevelt Smart (Top 150)
Ty Hudson – CU in final 4 (8Aug14) (Top 100-Scout)
Malik Hluchoweckyj (no offer)

As for PF, the men still most active are:

Henry Ellenson (Top 25)
Juwan Morgan – CU in final 7 (Top 100)
Cody Schwartz (Top 200)
Dean Wade – Late Entry/12Aug14

Other recruits still in play:

SF Chris Clark (Top 100)
SF Marquis McDuffie (Top 150)
SG Matt McQuaid – CU in final 6/7 (Top 100)
SG Matt Milon – CU in final 6 (7Aug14) (Top 150)
SG Isaiah Moss (Top 150)
SG Marshawn Wilson

There remain others who have not pared down lists and also those remaining where it appears the staff has cooled on recruitment.  

Watson  Purdue out, added WVA, UMD, and Tennessee.
Hudson looking to make a Spring ’15 decision, per 8Aug14 article.
Milon    trimmed list – 7Aug14
Lott       trimmed list – 9Aug14
Wade    Hot AAU 3rd session in July, pub list 12Aug/per RecruitScoop

Scheduled Visits to date:

06 August – Visits by 2016/17 local frosh and sophs, Aguek, Agau, and Wilson. -chk
14 August – Visit by 2016 soph Fwd Isaiah Roby, per Bluejay Banter. -chk
24 August – Visit by Chicago Simeon Top 150 SG Isaiah Moss
05/6 Sept – Official Visit by Chicago area Top 100 PG Glynn Watson
06 Sept – Official Visit by Duncanville TX Top 100 SG Matt McQuaid
19 Sept – Official Visit by KCMO area Top 100 PF Juwan Morgan

Potential Visits-alphabetically:

??         – PG Buie visit.
??         – SG/SF Clark visit.
??         – PF Ellenson visit.
??         – PG Hudson visit.
??         – PG Lott visit.
??         – SG Milon visit.
??         – PG Robinson visit.
??         – PF Wade visit.

??         – other visit.

Verbal Commits:

Justin Patton, 6-11/215, Omaha, NB (Top 50-Scout)

Exciting late Summer /early Fall recruiting times.  We’ll attempt to keep up with the action and post updates as warranted.