Who is Max Powers?

I don’t know him as he is new to the BJUnderground.  But u gotta love him.

Max’s post:
maxpowersJays approaching 1500 all-time wins
Mon Oct 12, 2015 7:44 pm
Per the media guide, the Jays are just seven victories shy of 1500 all time (W=1493 L=992). We are three seasons shy of 100 years of Creighton basketball. The soonest victory 1500 could arrive is Dec 05 versus Loyola Illinois. Can you imagine getting win 1500 against the team that replaced us in the Valley? Realistically, given the challenge beforehand at Indiana, a more probable victory 1500 would be Dec 09 against…THE HUSKERS! Let’s destroy them!  8-)
Per Wikipedia, Creighton was #46 in all time winning percentage at ~60% as of the end of 2012. That’s not bad considering there are ~350 schools contending in division I. Sustaining a nearly 60% win percentage through almost 100 years is tough to do. Per the media guide, our current win % is just marginally higher at 60.1% after last season (there may be some small discrepancy between the media guide and Wikipedia). We are sixth of six Big East teams in the top-50 all-time win % (SJU, Villanova, Marquette, Georgetown, DePaul, Creighton, respectively). Obviously, Creighton did a lot damage versus the Valley while the others did theirs against the Big East. However, we competed with Missouri Valley-recruited players, too. Providence, Seton Hall, Xavier and Butler are not far below 60% winning percentage. Historically, the Big East is solid top to bottom.
I was surprised at our decent track record versus the Power 5. The Big Ten is the only P5 conference against which we have a cumulative record well below .500 (27 games below .500). The following figures reflect current conference affiliations. Note that these numbers were hastily prepared and may contain some inaccuracies.
If you take Creighton as a barometer of college basketball quality, the new Big East is very arguably the best basketball conference, as our head-to-head record shows. But we already knew that.
CONFERENCE W-L (Win % vs. conference)
Big East 74-115 (39%) (Marquette is 18 games above .500, 49-31, against CU)
Big Ten 50-77 (39%) (Illinois is 7 games above .500, 7-0, against CU)
AAC 45-62 (42%) (Tulsa is 9 games above .500, 44-35, vs. CU)
ACC 32-38 (46%)
SEC 21-24 (47%)
MAC 9-9 (50%)
BIG TWELVE 61-57 (52%)
A10 47-39 (55%)
MWC 44-32 (58%)
MVC 430-313 (58%)
PAC 12 25-18 (58%)
WCC 23-14 (62%) 

Way to go…I salute you Mr. powers! 🙂  😉