Bluenotes Short Riff – 27 October 2015

Short Riff
Stay focused…Stay hungry!

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2015-16 Previews:  WBR MBB player bios.  
Great profiles by the WBR team.  My comments;

GG-  Great profile. IMO GG has a Stainbrook type of breakout year…for the Jays this season. He’s healthy, he knows he can play with the big dogs, and he’s hungry. Go Geoff. As for ingame durability – as long as he paces himself, 20 minutes should not be an issue. Hopefully ZH and JP can squeeze in a few minutes. 
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jMilli- Great profiles…good stuff guys. James’ game should improve due to experience, confidence, and greater team depth. He won’t have the burden of “carrying” the team, which will allow him greater flexibility and less pressure to perform.

Bluejay Banter picks Jays MBB 5th.
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Check out the rundown of the Big East standings predictions we made on Monday night’s show 
Piv and Clint Parks says KT and Bluejay MBB frosh are the most underrated BE MBB Frosh

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Most underrated freshmen in the Big East right here
clint parks added,

BluejayWBB Media Guide is out.

WBR CreightonWBB player bios.

2015-16 Creighton Women’s Basketball Profile: Freshman forward Audrey Faber Profile:
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New media articles:

Villanova makes NBC’s top 15 backcourts…

Bluejays picked 7th in CBS’s BE Preview…with @colehoops given a shoutout as a top impact player.
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BECB poll on biggest impact transfer in 2015-16:  Maurice Watson, Jr…by a landslide!
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Dan Stack at Today’s U says:  Bluejays are the BE wildcard team.

Creighton Men’s Golf finishes 12th in Florida meet with a 307-329-315=951 total. Charlie Bolton tied for 36th with 71-83-80=234 total.