Bluenotes Short Riff – 31 October 15

Short Riff
Stay focused…Stay hungry!

Courtesy: Creighton Athletics

2015-16 Previews:  WBR MBB player bios.  
Great profiles by the WBR team.  My comments;

GG-  Great profile. IMO GG has a Stainbrook type of breakout year…for the Jays this season. He’s healthy, he knows he can play with the big dogs, and he’s hungry. Go Geoff. As for ingame durability – as long as he paces himself, 20 minutes should not be an issue. Hopefully ZH and JP can squeeze in a few minutes. 
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jMilli- Great profiles…good stuff guys. James’ game should improve due to experience, confidence, and greater team depth. He won’t have the burden of “carrying” the team, which will allow him greater flexibility and less pressure to perform.

Zach Hanson- Imo ZH can be an impactful player by doing the things he stated. Bring energy when he comes in and with aggressive rebounding and defensive play. Impact is more about what you do with the minutes you get, rather than the amount of minutes. It’s a team game and ALL of the players need to contribute to the overall team effort. I am looking to see him show improvements and aggressiveness…which will be an asset to the team play.  

IZ- IZ is a Phoenix…he gets burned…but “again I rise”. He rises from the ashes again…in triumph!  He will be a spark for the squad with his shooting and his leadership.  
Chase perfection – catch excellence. 

Creighton Men’s Golf finishes 12th in Florida meet with a 307-329-315=951 total. Charlie Bolton tied for 36th with 71-83-80=234 total.
MSoc: #1 Bluejays lose to X at Home. 15-1 /6-1 BE. Next up: @Providence today.

JaysVB: Jays fall in 5 Sets @Villanova…

WSoc:  Closes season with L Georgetown.

BluejayCC:   CWcc takes 7th, Men take 6th at BE Cross Country Championships. 

New media articles:

Villanova makes NBC’s top 15 backcourts…

Villanova has best odds (of BC Teams) to win NCAAs.  (BECB)

2015-16 Kenpom –  Analytics, not subjective.
Matchup Zone – Jays 43rd and 5th in BE – Analytics, not subjective.
Adamcwisports (Bart Torvik) –  Torvik’s T-Rankings.  Jays 65th and 6th in BE.  Torvik states his dBase now has enough data to stand alone.  Had previously utilized Kenpom data to augment his stuff.  Should be a great comparison tool now.  Analytics, not subjective.

Interesting sidebars:
ACC wants to replicate old BE dominance…but doesn’t know the formula.
As an aside:  According to thread on Holyland of Hoops, there is trouble in Paradise.  A contingent of ACC admins worried about falling behind in the revenues arms race…disgruntled about being 5th in the Power 4.  @DanWolken

…and of course speculation of upcoming raids on the ACC by the B1G and possibly the SEC.

HLH threads Conf Realignment and also in ACC Blurbs thread.  
Also concerns irt ESPN delaying the ACC Network.…m-referral  Atlanta Journal link is gone…