…In the Clubhouse turn…and beginning the Stretch Run.

“This is It.  Make no mistake where you are…
your back’s to the Corner”.

Courtesy Creighton Athletics
Ahh, suddenly February.  Yes, the month of Freedom Day, Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, Black History Month, Lincoln’s Birthday, Ice Cream for Breaky Day, Lame Duck Day, Boy Scout Day, Weathermans Day, Clean your Computer Day, Ash Wednesday, Mardi Gras, Creighton Run Month, Kite Flying Day, Superbowl Sunday, Chinese  New Year, and much more…

February.  College basketball’s month for sifting out the wheat from the chaff. The month to measure the mettle of the men.  We are in the Clubhouse Turn and heading into the Stretch Run of the basketball season. 
Oh the excitement, oh the drama, oh the exuberence of the last month of the regular season of hoops. It’s the “put up or shut up” time of the season and such fun.  Now – the limp prognostications of the experts get exposed, the unending babble of the media talking heads gets temporarily silenced as the elites underachieve, and the true cream of the season rises to the top.  
The title lyric comes from the song: “This is it” by Kenny Loggins… a poignant theme for hoops, especially as we enter the stretch of the season.  “you think that maybe it’s over…but you don’t want it to be.  Stand up and Fight…This is it!  The waiting is over!”  The rush of desire, heart, fight, determination, will-to-win…the whole rush of emotions and efforts.  This it it!  Go take your victories, claim your goals, win your championships.  Men…”for once in your life, here’s your miracle.  Stand up and Fight! – This is It!”  “No one can tell what the future holds…This it It!”  This season is an oyster and You are its’ pearl!  Stand up and Fight!
The Stretch run and our Creighton Run start tonight, in Philadelphia.  I can’t think of a more fitting beginning than taking out league-leading Villanova, at their house. Stand up and Fight!  This is IT! 

Take another look at that uni tonight before you put it on…It represents a long, storied, and proud history, tradition, and legacy at Creighton.  It ain’t just about you…it’s about a great little university that can do.  A city that will bust it’s gut for you.  It’s about alums and friends and fans the world over – who tune in to see or listen to your games – not just the folks in the CLink seats.  Folks who work overseas, military folk worldwide from the U or from the area, alums and fans the world over.  Old men with money, workin’ folks, kids who wanna be like u, people livin’ through your exploits, and many others – all who rise and fall with your seasons. Represent men, represent.  Give ’em sumthin’ to cheer and be proud of.  Give me sumthin’ to talk trash with on the Holyland and other boards 😉 .
Add your chapter to the rich traditions and legacy of Creighton

Stand up and Fight!

The season ain’t over.  It ain’t over til the confetti falls in April.  It ain’t over til the fat lady sings…Represent men.

Go forth and win Jays, just Win. 
The waiting is over…Go Big Blue!