This is a Test…

When the going gets tough, The tough get going
 When the going gets rough, The tough get rough

– Billy Ocean

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This is a test of the emergency Creighton broadcast system.  This is only a test. Had this been an actual emergency, the emergency broadcasters in your area would post instructions on this screen.  This is a test.   

Some of the greatest teams CU has ever fielded were teams with lesser win totals and were without “name” players back in the day (’60’s, ’70’s, and a few of the DA team of the early 2000’s).  Teams that were mired in with average or below records come February.  Because they were either independent (60’s and 70’s) or in the Valley (2000’s) most pundits and media never gave them a 2nd look.  

Those past teams were not in a big, well known conference. They only played on the tube a few times a year. They only had a paltry 4-6K regular diehards in the stands. They didn’t get new uni’s every year. They had varying levels of support from university administration and the AD’s of those times. They had the “old gym” (Vinardi).  

However, these teams had heart, grit, determination, and never quit. They “bought in” to the given team concepts of that time, buckled up their armor and resolve, and beat the odds, beat their opponents, beat the know-it-all media and experts, and won.  They knew who they were – Creighton – and fought like hell to uphold our traditions as a “tough out” and an “overachieving” team. 

Whether as the independent “Traveling Bluejays” or as DA’s MVC Bluejays, they made themselves a factor nationally.  Now these were only 21-24 win seasons, but it is in the “how” they did it, not the mere numbers.  Wins are great, but they do not measure heart, they do not measure will-to-win, they do not measure a teams resolve.  How you play is just as important – refusing to lose, going on February “Creighton Runs”, and if necessary in the MVC Era – stealing the “Creighton Invitational Tourney” in St Louis.  They were tough and did whatever it took to come out winners, come out champions.  

THIS IS A TEST! This is a gut check to see what u got…to see what u r made of. A check to see if u have some intestinal fortitude, juevos grande, guts, heart, will-to-win?  The season is halfway done, with 10 and up to 19 games left, depending on you.  

What u got Bluejays, what u got?

Now is the time for the team to come together and resolve to fight to the finish line.  Now is the time for the team and coaches to pull out all the stops and to give 125% effort, adjust gameplans as needed, play the guys sitting in the doghouse, whatever it takes-to win.  

When the going gets tough…the tough get going; 
when the going gets rough… the tough get rough…

Get Rough Blue…get going!

luv ya,