16-15/7-11, 18-13/9-9, 20-11, 21-10…

Conservative, realistic” expectations have been met. 
Get on the damn bus…

…and there we were… hanging by a thread, over the vast precipice of the Grand Canyon. Hands sweaty and slipping on the safety rope, with no one close by to lend an assist. Thinking of the last time with Penelope and how will she cope without us. Hands slipping…if only I could grasp that ring on the safety guard railing…stretching, stretching, just out of my reach…hand slipping…   

Suddenly-without warning, unknown hands snatch me by the collar and shoulders…and I am again on terra firma.  Geoff, Mo, and the team have done it again – saved our butts from extinction – Creighton’s on a February run.  

The Bluejay Men’s Basketball team has met & exceeded the preseason limited expectations (6th thru 9th place finish) of the majority predictions (67%+, 13 Oct)(59%, 29 Dec) of the Fanbase.  Currently at 17-10/8-6, the team has loftier goals in mind.  Get on the bus folks. 

Cheer, yell, and enjoy the ride as the Jays aim for maximum victories and a shot to make the NCAAs. Teams get bids based on their overall resume, but it is difficult to imagine a scenario where the 3rd/5th place team of the 4th best conference (CBS RPI/Realtime RPI) in the nation, fails to get a bid.  I am hoping and praying for a trip to St. Louis for the Bluejays…a new NCAA version of the “Creighton Invitational“, at the Scottrade Center.  

Get on the bus Creighton fans…enjoy the Ride.  
Get tough, get rough Bluejays…Get going!