…and at the wire…It’s Nova by a half length over Xavier…

It’s over except the crying.

…and at the wire, on a pasteboard track…it’s ‘Nova by a half-length over Xavier, with Seton Hall, faltering but Showing.  Creighton – a known stretch runner – fell off the pace with Providence and Butler surging into a tie for 4th-6th.  The record stands at 18-12/9-8.  The team has had its opportunities, but did not capitalize of several of them.  Seems the conservatives were correct this season.

The Jays played well enough yesterday at Providence, but foul problems, coupled with their shooting faltering a bit late in the game allowed the Friars to escape 70-66. Providence home paraded to the line for 29 FTs to the Jays 12 FTs.

A final regular season tilt remains at Xavier.  Maurice suffered a groin injury yesterday and 4 or 5 others were already walking wounded.  Some Creighton followers have been forecasting potential NIT bids/seeds for a week or two now.  I thought it was in poor form and a bit premature, but given that winning the conference tourney is a rough road, perhaps not.

The Big East Tourney is next Wednesday.  The Bluejays avoided the Wednesday round and will face either Providence, Butler, or Seton Hall dependent upon final standings. Normally, come conference tourney time I would be confident…and despite their record the Jays are playing well.  As a 4/5 seed CU will face either Butler or Providence on the Villanova side of the bracket.  As a 6 Seed – which is appearing more likely – they will face Seton Hall on the Xavier side of the BET.

Creighton has the capability of beating most of the conference foes, and historically has done well in a 3 games in 3 days format.  It has been promoted by the media heads for well over a month that the Jays won’t Dance.  Winning the autobid is the only option.

Is there any Creighton conference tourney magic left?  We shall see what transpires.