Going Beyond the Limits.

There are no Limits.

Courtesy Creighton Athletics

In 1936 Jesse Owens won 4 gold medals in the Summer Olympics. It was a previously unheard of, impossible feat of athletics.  No one had ever won 4 gold medals in a single Olympics.  The politics of that day/year aside, this tome is not about athletics or political history, but the notion of history itself and of exceeding the ceilings imposed by constricted, skewed, and incorrect knowledge.

In the 20th Century the limits fell.  In most aspects of human life – one barrier, one obstacle, one limitation after another succumbed to the persistence of human will, to determination, to changes in the social morays of the day, to scientific investigation, to the dominance of the imagination, and other modes of change. We as individuals and societies, are the culmination of what we were taught and our experiences.  Much of what we were taught was passed on over the generations via family, schools, social environment, etc.  Much of what we were taught has been modified by each prevailing social/political model within the country (ies) we lived in.  Much of what we were taught is outdated, mundane, outmoded, edited multiple times, and flat out incorrect.  It is the equivalent of the “Matrix” of the movies.

However, thankfully the limits, barriers, and obstacles have been falling like autumn leaves during the 20th Century. The world as we know it has changed several times over the last 65 years (last 50 years of the 20th C. and 1st 15 years of the 21st C.).

Our beliefs inform our opinions and viewpoints of the world in which we live.  They give rise to our ideas of what is real and to our peculiar-particular point of view.  They inform our views of what is and is not possible.  Limitations to general progress are real – to those who choose to view them as such.  Limitations are based in belief systems, also the lack of or gaps within well rounded and current knowledge, and a restricted viewpoint of “what is” and “what can be”.  Habits can also contribute: “We have always done it this way” or “That’s impossible”.

Belief systems which are past oriented/past-based look at the “now” of today filtered through past and history based ideas, philosophies, and knowledge.  Today becomes colored, filtered, and controlled by outdated notions which attempt to inform and explain today’s environment…but fail miserably.  The “now” of today is severely shortchanged by such systems.  The future is rarely if ever apprehended nor anticipated as the past-based proponents cannot ponder and look ahead whilst adhering to their rear-view beliefs.

Our beliefs inform our views of the world…our ideas of what is real…of what is and is not possible…and influences our perception of potential futures (if any):

     In the 14th and 15th centuries beating diseases (Plague, Cholera, Typhoid, Smallpox) was not possible.  Millions of folk died from various disease epidemics.  It was not until doctors, scientists, and others later understood the roles of bacteria, viruses, disease causation (Pasteur and others), and sanitation, that progress began to be made in this fight.  Other scientists began to devise health systems (Sanitation and hygiene, water filtration, immunizations, and other public health systems) and over time we began to whip the diseases which had previously dominated life and life spans. Today we benefit from vastly improved overall health and nearly double the lifespan of folks back then.

     Prior to the 20th Century man could only dream of flying.  Flight was not possible until the late 19th C. balloonists and wannabe aviators understood the principles of aerodynamics, lighter-than-air craft, lift, propulsion, and other flight dynamics.  Today air travel and flight is as commonplace as sliced bread.  Mankind has entered the space age and vehicles fly to other planets for exploration. We even have the beginnings of a space tourism sector.

Discovery/Invention are pretty words for…figuring out how to do a given thing. Sanitation, water filtration, aviation…computers, television, satellite communications, Coca Cola, rotary engines, electricity, solar power, McDonald’s, chess, basketball, and everything else that currently exists – owes its’ birth to discovery and invention.


All it takes is effort, experimentation (trial and error), and time!

 Now…if a person believes in limits – there are.  With limits-everything takes longer to do if he ever gets to his goal(s).  He may not make it at all with his particular set of perceived limits.

If a person believes their aren’t any limits – there aren’t any.  Without limits-he speeds by or around obstacles and speeds up his experimentation, reaching his goals faster. He/she will be free to make the necessary changes to figure out the “how to” to reach the goals quicker, more efficiently.  He has much less baggage since he no longer has built-in limitations.  His/her ideas and goals are now reachable and he has the needed tools and skills.

Okay gtmo…what’s the point?

Guys and gals.  Do yourselves a favor – drop your baggage. Examine your life’s lessons learned, whether from society, education, family, religion, or other aspects. Let go of the outdated notions, beliefs, and “knowledge”.  Leave them there on the ground where you just dropped them.  Pick up one new notion to guide you forward: There are no limits! You can achieve most (if not all) of your goals – in every area of your life…

     Maximum effort – Persistence (experimentation) – Time 

 Having left most of your old baggage behind the time component will be shortened.
And for my BluejaysYou have enough talent and you have enough good coaching. The missing ingredients are DesireHustleHeartExecution, and the Will-to-Win.  I believe in this Creighton team.  I believe you are more than “good enough”.  I believe you are Champions this season.  Every year I pen you Jays in as National Champs…because I believe in you guys.  This year is no exception.  There are no limits!

You are immortal, as you are in the record books.  You will live forever via video and text that will be viewed by future fans. You are now legend.  Don’t allow others to define you – make your own mark in the record books guys.  Write your own Creighton History.

You are already winners and you can achieve more than any of us think you can.  You have exceeded our expectations many times over the last 20 years, why should this season be any different?  You can do a February “Creighton Run“…check out the record books…it’s a Jays tradition. You can win the Big East. You can make a great NCAA Run. There are no limits to what you can achieve!  You can do this.  Do it now, Bluejays.  Do it Now!

“You can…if you think you can”.  – Norman Vincent Peale  

Luv ya Blue,