It’s Gumby’s Fault…

Gumbydamnit opened the flood gates over on the Holyland of Hoops site.  Now every Tom, Dick, and Harry is making “bold predictions” over there.

HLH’s BEast Bold Predictions

Here’s mine…

Re: Bold BE Predictions for 2016-17 Postby gtmoBlue » Fri Sep 02, 2016 5:40 pm

No surprise here, I’ll hold with my May predictions.
Big East – 2016-17 Finish (02 Sept. Edition)
1. Creighton
2. Seton Hall
2. Villanova
4. Xavier
5. Georgetown
6. St Johns
7. DePaul
8. Marquette
9. Providence
10. Butler
and the ever popular:  Let’s Play 20 Questions HLH’s 2016-17 “20 Questions”

Re: 16-17 BIG EAST 20 Questions

Postby gtmoBlue » Fri Sep 09, 2016 10:23 am

1. BIG EAST Tournament Champion: Seton Hall
2. BIG EAST Regular Season Champion: Creighton
3. BIG EAST Player of the year: Marcus Foster
4. BIG EAST Freshman of the year: Kobe Paras
5. # of teams in NCAA Tournament: 6 (Creighton, SH, ‘Nova, G’twn, X, Johnnies)
6. # of Sweet 16 Teams: 3 – Georgetown, ‘Nova, Creighton
7. # of Elite 8 Teams: 2 ‘Nova, Creighton
8. # of Final 4 Teams: 1 ‘Nova
9. Last team standing in NCAA Tournament: ‘Nova
10. Round when last team falls (or wins): FF
11. Most overrated team: Xavier
12. Most underrated team: St. Johns
13. Biggest jump (by BIG EAST standing): St. Johns
14. Biggest drop (by BIG EAST standing): Butler
15. Highest national ranking: 2
16. # of teams to crack top 25 at any point: 7 (‘Nova, X, SH, Creighton, G’twn, Butler, Marquette)
17. Most top 25 teams at the same time: 5 (‘Nova, X, SH, Creighton, G’twn)
18. # of top 25 teams entering NCAA Tournament: 5
19. # of exempt tourney championships: 4 X, ‘Nova, Creighton, DePaul
20. Final Conference RPI Ranking: 2
21. Most improved team: Tie btwn St. Johns/Creighton.

*Gotta give ‘Nova the benefit of the doubt in the NCAAs. We all know it’s about the matchups and they are a veteran team.

What’s your take?

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