Exception to the Rule.

Pro basketball is anathema to the game itself.  Pro basketball is all about money, about 1-on-1 showboating, what the heck is defense, what is a set play (with a couple of teams that run sets), half the league makes the playoffs, shoes, and did I mention…Money.

I hardly ever notice, let alone talk about the pro game.  Not worth the time of day. However…every rule, law, statute, regulation has exceptions.

AI – Allen Iverson, Mr. “What we talkin’ ’bout, Practice!” was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame yesterday, along with Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal, and Yao Ming.  This is an exception to the rule.

2016 Basketball Hall of Fame Inductees

Postby gtmoBlue » Sat Sep 10, 2016 6:49 pm

HOF Inductee Speeches from AI, Shaq, and Yao…

The Answer’s Hall of Fame Speech – 09Sep2016


Watch Allen Iverson’s fantastic Hall of Fame speech
Unscripted. Raw. Emotional. Must watch. Allen Iverson’s Hall of Fame induction speech Friday night was exactly like the way he played the game, and it was the highlight of the night. Just lik…

Shaquille O’Neal’s Hall of Fame Speech – 09Sep2016


Watch Shaquille O’Neal’s hilarious Hall of Fame speech (VIDEO)
Shaq’s speech was just as big as his personality.

Yao Ming’s Hall of Fame Speech – 09Sep2016


Yao Ming pokes fun at Iverson, Shaq in Hall of Fame speech (VIDEO)
Yao kicked off the induction ceremony with a short, moving speech.