Bluenotes Short Riff: 09Oct2016


There’s a lot of new stuff out –  OWH’s Bluejay Today page, Go, and others…

OWH/Nyatawa…  I like this guy.  He knows how to work.  He is bound to win over the fanbase with objective, fair, and in-depth coverages.  He’s not a homer, just providing great coverage so far.

Cole’s Back.  A piece on Z.  Shatel on Coach Mac.  A few BTL pieces -Practice eval., Starting 5, 1 more spot to fill, .

Bits and Pieces –

» Creighton and Missouri will meet for a closed scrimmage at the end of the month.

» Bluejay Madness, Creighton’s open scrimmage for fans, isn’t likely to happen this year, McDermott said.

» Cole Huff and senior guard Maurice Watson will be Creighton’s player representatives at Big East media day Tuesday in New York.

Bruce is Busy…



Late Entry TodaysU/Dan Stack  They are critiquing the Top 25.  Here is their take on Creighton (#20)

Asbury Park Press/  UCONN and the BEast.



Go CreightonJays renew radio contract… 



CBSSports –  Vegas odds… 21Sep16.  Jays 150/1 then, but have since dropped off the sheet.


ESPN – Latest ESPN Top 25  Jays 18th