Marquette’s New Retro’s

The Golden Eagles/Warriors are at it again.  This time they have teamed with the Jordan Brand/Jumpman23 to come up with some new retro-styled uni’s for 2016/17.  Photos courtesy: Marquette Athletics.

Multiple references to past GE/Warrior uniforms…and it works.


▼New Bumblebee and other uni’s

Actually like it. Too many references to past uni’s but it looks great (in this color) – the designers pulled it off with this particular Uni. Will hold on a blanket pronouncement until the other 3 colors (white, yellow, and “championship blue”) are seen.

The N7 uniform is a special case, so is not subject to a team by team critique.

It could be that the Warriors have “done it, again” and set another uniform trend.  So it appears at the 1st take.  Congrats to Marquette University.  IMO Al is smiling, with a cold beer, while sitting on a stoop at the Big Cracked Sidewalk in the sky.

– gtmo