Road to Paradise

Paradise Jam – Update


Ride, ride, ride, hitching a ride.





Thanks to Coach Moser and the Loyola Ramblers for allowing Joe Lunardi and I to tag along with them on the trip down to St. Thomas.

Loyola is a team to keep your eye on.  Coach put them through 3 games in 4 days to open the season.   The team is running, putting up big numbers, shooting over 50%, and winning.  Building off last season’s success The Ramblers have the makings of a good, dangerous team.  LUC at 3-0, has the look of a team “on a mission”.  They are unbeaten at home in November, since Porter took the reins 6 years ago.  Their opening game vs St. Joe’s should be a great opener for the Paradise Jam.  It won’t be any surprise if the winner of this game makes it to the finals.

Talking with a couple of the BT organizers – they have been impressed with the Montana squad. They think Montana may be the big surprise down here this week.

For whatever reason – most of the advertising and print media is featuring my man, Cole Huff.  The boy is looking good.