Creightonians, Please Buckle your seat belts – #TakeFlight !


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A mixed palette of points here, today.

Big boy pants…  Folks here and BJB need to brace themselves now. Within the next several weeks our Jays are about to rise into the Top 10 in the country – maybe sooner.  Whether or not we/you/me or anyone else thinks they “deserve” such lofty rankings.  BJU normal will not affect pollsters who base their votes on results and beauty.  Be prepared.

Some may be shocked, some scared, others may want to deny that CU could be “that good”, etc.  The good folk at the OWH are maintaining a stance of guarded, but laudatory comments.  There are inferred undertones that they (OWH & BTL pundits) expect the Jays floor to collapse under the weight of expectations.   We shall see what unfolds as the season progresses.

As a Division 1 – major conference team with a several returning vets, a talented roster, and a good experience level, it is reasonable to expect to be noticed, and possibly ranked in the polls.  Add to that a fast start, an upset of a top 10 team, winning an early season tourney, and you have a recipe for either entering the polls – or if ranked – rising rapidly up the polls.

This level of attention, recognition, and notoriety is one of several reasons why we wanted to be a major to begin with.  When coupled with membership in the best basketball conference, the ability to gain better or higher rated recruits, advantages in scheduling, being included in the nightly highlight footage and scores scroll, a participant in the national hoops discussion, and possibly a legitimate candidate in the national championship race, yes…it is good for Creighton to be a part of Big Boy basketball.

Don’t be afraid.  There is nothing to fear.  Creighton has already overpaid our dues, toiled patiently for decades, and built up our program for success.  Now we are finally admitted into the major ranks.  We have a very good team that can possibly contend for national honors and recognition.  It’s time to turn up our efforts a notch or 2, time to take our second wind, and start knocking balls out of the park.  Time to show not only that “we can hang”, but that we will Thrive!

No fear – Roll Jays!



Paradise Jam postscript… Sitting in the bleachers at the PJam on Championship night. A loudmouth local was talking Big Sh_t early in the game as Ole Miss was shaking the Jays.  I recognised him – cheering for the underdog, any underdog, against the big-bad ranked team.  I was him for decades.

We (Creighton) are now them…the team that for decades we battled hard against…a Major that everyone wants to beat.  Folks will circle the date and pray to whatever God they have for the upset (see: IPFW over Indiana).  It’s a new era fellas.

Little Creighton is dead.  Long live big, tough Creighton!



Zach’s foot injury…  Zach’s foot injury could sideline him for 3-4 months according to Coach Mac.
Creighton Basketball‏ @BluejayMBB
BREAKING: Creighton coach Greg McDermott announces Zach Hanson tore a tendon and some ligaments in left ankle, could miss several months.
5:12 PM · Nov 23, 2016

Other… Belated sucking up to the Big East by ESPN’s Andy Katz.

Yo @20Tugs, be a Creighton Bluejay.  Fulfill your destiny and help the Jays win a Natty!

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