You Just Gotta Luv the panic and sales.

It’s Put Up or Shut Up Time!

 Creighton Run Time.


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Creighton lost its’ catalyst – its’ little engine that could when PG Maurice Watson went down with a season-ending injury last week.  Since then the Jays have lost the 2 games they’ve played.  Most pundits and fans Sold Bluejay stock and abandoned ship at the time of Mo’s injury. This week, even most of the remaining stalwarts have bailed…or are about to  – even Matt Norlander (Thanks for hanging in there with us Matt.).

Some of us have “been there – done that”, have been in similar scenarios previously with our Jays.  Therefore, for some of us there is no panic…we know the script well. This is Creighton Basketball and we’ve seen this drill before.  To the newbie fans, the major media types who only recently begun to follow the Jays, and the broad landscape of unwashed masses of hoops followers – Follow along Closely and Take Notes.


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Postby gtmoBlue » Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:11 pm

It’s the stretch run – the last 10 games of the RS. The “what have you done for me, lately” time of the season. Fear not Bluejay minions, fear not. While you may have your specific doubts, frets, n fears – our Jays ain’t done yet.

For those of you who are longtime fans (more than the last 4 BE years) you May remember that scenarios similar to this one were oft played out during the DA tenure. Struggling to make 20 wins some years, big January collapses in others, and giving bountiful ammunition to the worry warts, doubters, and naysayers. Ah yes… the smell of Napalm as all around is burning, the smell of panic as the unwashed masses scurry (no pun intended) atwixt and atwitter, the shadow of Doom and foreboding slowing obliterating the scenic view from St Johns Church towers. Ah yes – the “Good ole Days” on the Hilltop.

Fortunately this season ain’t all that gloomy and depressing. Jays are 18-3, with a gimme on Saturday. The Team has weathered a severe storm and test to the system. We have enough talent left to achieve the preseason goals (FF was not one of them) and to continue to break some longstanding records – without Mo Watson on the court.

Players need to cinch up their belts, resolve to stay together as a team, and play team ball-uptempo Creighton ball. Coaches need a couple of slaps to the face to wake up and smell the coffee – then gameplan like hell. The “other” Mo (mentum) and Toby step up and lead. Let’s Go Bluejays.

Nothing like a little Napalm and Panic to get ole gits’ juices going. Let’s play some hoops…Creighton Run anyone?

luv ya,
gtmo    ;)

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