Open Letter to Bruce…Jays AD

What a Man…What a Leader!  The Best damn University Athletic Director in the Country.


Courtesy – Creighton Athletics


Hey Bruce,

Just a line or two to emote my feelings about you and your exemplary leadership of Creighton Athletics.  For twenty some odd years now we have leaned on your shoulder, cried on that shoulder, and pinned some very large hopes on those same shoulders.  You have beared up, hitched up your britches, and charged ahead with courage, conviction, and purpose.  You have done and continue to do one helluva job – we couldn’t have asked for better.

Chapters and volumes can be written about all of the events, conferences, caucuses, arguments, etc., which have transpired over the years…the vast majority of which we will never know unless you write the books.  What we do know and have witness to is the ongoing, relentless building of our program to the great levels we know today.  We can measure the events and achievements – from Deuce to Offenburger to Leahy  up to your tenure and have the evidence to back up any claims.  Thank You Bruce Rassmussen. Thanks are not enough, but will have to suffice as I am on a pensioners budget down here.  Hopefully, the new Prez will give you a new set of golf clubs.


Champions: If not now...when?


All good things must end and since you’ve got a couple years on me, passing the baton surely has crossed your mind.  No hurry mind you, but continuity is a critical issue.  You have a wonderful, creative, and efficient staffing.  I had thought you might want to bring in someone off one of your many lists, perhaps Caruso.  But doing so could/would potentially upset the fruit cart, breaking down a well-oiled machine and possibly undermining excellent team chemistry and efficiencies.  New guys in-charge always want to put their little stamp of approvals on any and everything that moves, will often change stuff just to be able to sign off on “My new plan, my new Ops procedures, etc.”, and tend to undervalue current policies, plans, and procedures that are working fine – in favor of change for change’s sake.

So… In favor of continuity, smooth transitions, and (good) business as usual, I have shifted my position from bringing in an outsider to promotion from within the staff.  Yes, there are fine candidates outside who would probably be good hires (this isn’t UOregon, UTexas). However, you have 3 excellent Associate ADs and any one of them will make a fine new athletic director.  They all have the benefit of working with you for years, having intimate knowledge of the Creighton goals, they are well versed with the master plan and milestones, and most importantly are loyal to the Hilltop.  Better candidates will be hard to find.

Enough already.  You know I like to ramble, so I’ll end it here at a reasonable length. Have a great Socctoberfest.

–  gtmo

Jim Harvey, CU ’79  @gtmoBlue

Dawn of a New Era at Creighton – Courtesy of Creighton Athletics