Poor Shooting stalls Creighton in the Hall of Fame .

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Courtesy- NCBHoF/NABC

Nice weekend, indeed.  One of our greats – Mr. Paul Silas – gets inducted into the College Basketball Hall of Fame.  Our current gaggle of Bluejays unfortunately stalled in the CB Hall of Fame Classic championship game.  And we have seen the face of future Bluejay Basketball.  Lastly the Jays get ranked at #25 in the AP Poll, #23 in the USA Today/Coaches Poll.

Courtesy – College Basketball HOF

I expected to win the HOF Classic, but the Jays shot horrendously…missing a lot of contested AND uncontested shots.  Surprisingly they led most of the game against #22 Baylor and had a shot to win it even with a minute left.  They went 3-1 in the HOF Classic with a win over #23 UCLA.  See White and Blue Review or Go Creighton for the details on the game.  Add in the road win over then #20 Northwestern and a great start indeed.

WE got a real steal with our Frosh players.  Ty-Shon and Mitch are playing and contributing well.  Both are playing like veteran players and are not intimidated by the game or the speed of the game.  If they continue to play well they will contend for FoY in the nation and the conference.

Photo – Creighton Athletics

The Jays bounced back with an easy win over SIUE on Saturday and I expected to see them ranked with a HOF Title, but surprised since they didn’t win it, in spite of a stellar showing the 1st two weeks of the season.  Now to keep it.  The team faces #15 Gonzaga on the road in Spokane on the 1st of December.  Go Jays!.

Jays also listed in the NBC Power Rankings at #21.


Photo – Creighton Athletics