The Overture’s Done…On with the Show

All the prelims n checklists are complete.  The BEast Season is here!




What a feeling…The season really begins as of now.  Go Big East!

The preliminaries are finished.  The cupcakes, holiday tourneys, in city rivals, a signature game or two…all behind us.  Around the curve and coming into view-the conference season-It’s “for Real” now.   Last year is history-what have you done today/will you do this year?



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Braggin’ rights,  rivalries, smack talk, every tilt counts, every possession matters, every mistake amplified.  The Big East Championship is on the line.  If you can’t get up for this, you’re dead.

Everyone starts equal at 0-0.  18 game Round Robin format.  You don’t have to have the most talent, just the best Team!  Now we get to see what we’re all made of.  10 great teams – vying for the Prize.   Champions of the Big East!

What a feeling, indeed!

Let’s get it on!


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Duckpins for Dollars…1 after another