All’s Quiet on the Western Front?

Lil’ Creighton’s just Moseying along…kickin’ a can.

Courtesy: Matson

All’s quiet on the Western Front.  Creighton is 13-3 / 3-1 in conference.  Moseying along in 2nd place in the conference standings.  That’s the Big East Conference, the #2 RPI conference in the land.  But nary a peep from the national pundits, and more surprising, nothing from the BE boards and followers.  Whether smaller outfits like Today’s U and Big East Coast Bias or the more noted boards like ZagsBlog, CBS, Holyland of Hoops, Rothstein, and others – nada, zilch, zero.  It’s as if the Bluejays don’t exist, are perhaps a figment of my vivid imagination, or are on sabbatical/Mormon mission.


The Jays are ranked in the Coaches Poll, CBS Poll, and will return tomorrow (08Jan18) to the AP Poll.  They are off to a great start in conference play, but all we hear are the talk of the preseason favs and those who have already begun whining about having a dismal conference start.  Fortunately, Butler upset Villanova, so for a couple of days the Bulldogs received a bit of love.  Marquette blipped with their upset of Xavier. But they too have died off sharply.

Nationally all the attention has been on the elite schools, with their 5-star players, and their upsets and injuries, the press has been busy.  Then with Arizona State, Trey Young, and Tremont Waters lighting folks up, the excess press is taken as well.  In conference it’s all Nova and X, followed by Seton Hall and surprising Georgetown, then the troubles at Providence and St Johns.  Little Creighton… overlooked but not to be outdone… just chugging along like a engine that could.  Perhaps that will change this week?  Back in the AP and with matches Tuesday against Butler (cheap beer & Steve Lavin) and Saturday @Xavier, a couple of notable wins could amp up the Bluejays profile a bit.  Then again, most pundits – national and local – probably expect Creighton to soon fold their tent (reminiscent of last years post-Watson injury swoon) and watch the favorites fight it out for conference honors.

Kerry Miller just did a little piece on 10 Predictions… surprise teams that could do damage in the Dance and /a coach wins 1st Natty.   Several real surprises noted by him, but alas, my Jays/Coach Mac are again not included.

LE:  Andy Katz & Mike Lopresti, now with give the Jays a little shoutout.

There may not be a better 3-point shooting team than….Creighton
The Bluejays made 16 3s in a 90-66 win at Georgetown, keeping them right in the thick of the race at 3-1 in the Big East.

Not so, unwashed college basketball hoards, not so.   The Jays will quietly stay in the mix for the BE crown and for respectable post-season tourney seedings.  Hell with a little luck, the Bluejays just might steal the whole conference piñata AND do some real tourney damage.  Things are just warming up out on the Western Front.

Courtesy: Creighton Athletics

Creighton is beginning to roll.  #RollJays