Lead Dog…for a Day?

Jays Top Butler – Take the Big East Lead @ 4-1.




The Jays won at home over Butler last night 85-74.  Rounded out the opening stanza at   4-1.  No quit in Butler and they fought hard, but Creighton prevailed in the end.

It’s early in conference play and there is much hoops left to play.  But, it is a good for the guys to know their hard work is paying off.  It may only be for 1 day if Xavier wins tonight, but we can say we led the conference (at one point) and it’s a starting point to build upon for the remainder of the season.

 Creighton 4-1 14-3 35
Xavier 3-1 15-2 3
Seton Hall 3-1 14-3 4
 Villanova 2-1 14-1 6
 Marquette 3-2 12-5 43
Providence 2-2 11-6 47
Georgetown 2-3 12-4 203
Butler 2-3 12-6 26
DePaul 1-3 8-8 163
St. Johns 0-5 10-7 57



#RollJays  #LetItFly


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