Bluenotes Short Riff – 23 Jan 2018



We’re at the half in the conference season and the Jays are holding in 3rd position after a win over St John’s tonight.  16-5/6-3 on the year thus far (includes the win at St Johns).  Jays offense has been good and the team is averaging 87.5 (50%, 37% from the 3) ppg on the year.

Creighton faced St Johns in NY tonight to cap the 1st half of conference play.  The Johnnies are winless in conference although they have had a slew of close games.  Jays are favored by 3 and won 68-63.  Creighton has been in and out of the polls and the loss @Prov kept them out with fewer ARV votes this week.


ICYMI Paul Silas was inducted into the College Basketball HOF in KC last November (2017).

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The Jays started 0-1, losing at Seton Hall, then posted 4 straight wins.  The team then lost @Xavier, beat SH at home, and finally lost @Providence to go 5-3 entering todays game.

Martin Krampelj went down to a torn ACL at home versus Seton Hall.  The team is 1-1 since his injury.  IMO Creighton has enough frontcourt talent to weather this injury with Toby, Ronnie, Manny, and possibly Jacob (burn the RS).  With 3 starters (Marcus, Khyri, and Toby) plus 5-6 remaining veterans, the Jays should hold serve and remain competitive in the 2nd half of the season.  Much like last year they have to weather a significant mid-season injury, but this year it is not as critical as losing Mo Watson in 2016-17.


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The 2nd Half…

Through the opening half the Jays have only played Seton Hall, Providence, and St Johns twice.  They complete the series with Georgetown (H) on Saturday, Xavier (H) on Feb 10th, and @Butler on Feb 20th.  Series start with @Villanova on 01 February and the others as we progress.

With the injury to Martin, many have pushed the annual panic button, and someone rolled out the doom n gloom wagon after the Providence loss.  Ever the optimist I rebuked the DnG bandwaggoners.  The team has sufficient remaining talent to get the job done and to still challenge for the league title.  A bit of tweaking here and there should cover the loss of Martin.  The guys need to up their game, resolve, and effort a bit.  Don’t play the Name, play to win…1 game at a time.


Ty-Shon Alexander and Mitch Ballock are still playing good minutes and are productive, although both have cooled off a bit.

Jacob Epperson may see his first action of the season in the post-Krampelj injury segment.  Jacob had elective surgery earlier on his knee and his current status has not been clarified.


Jordan Scurry was awarded a scholarship for 2017-18.  The late gift was awarded earlier this week.  Congrats Jordan,

Robert Braswell, 2018 PF (6-9/215) is supposed to visit this month.  Diamond in-the-rough, military brat from Blythewood, South Carolina.


PS:  Friendly reminder – I went 25-6/13-5 Big East for the Jays this regular season.   Jays are currently 16-5/6-3 @ the half.

Most local board prognosticators have mapped the remaining season to get their predicted 10 or 11 conference wins.  Bluejayundeground posters JayPak and Ictjay have confidently asserted their revised predictions to 9-9 in conference play.  Ever optimistic Section202jay chips in for 10-8:  “I think we’ll be 10-8 in Big East play when it’s all said and done and get something like a 10 seed in the NCAAT. It is what it is. I would have taken that pre-season.”

I had predicted a sweep of The Hall and a split with Marquette and Georgetown.  So allow me to amend my take since we already split with Seton Hall.  Jays make their 13-5 conference tally by splitting with Villanova (road win @ the Wells Fargo Center), split with Marquette, and win the rest.  (7-2) not counting Bemidji State.

In order to meet fan HanddownMandown’s (HDMD) 14-4 conference talley, our Jays must win all but 1 of the remaining games – (8-1) which is tough, but possible.

ICYMI:  Coach/TV Personality Steve Lavin graced the Jays with his visit to Omaha during the Jan 9th Butler game (Dollar Beer Night).  The beer and the love was flowing profusely.  Always a Blast!  Thanks Coach.


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