Staccato – Spring Recruiting

2nd Stanza

Courtesy: Creighton Basketball

Spring has sprung but you’d be hard pressed to believe it in the lower 48.  Seems as though ol’ man Winter wants to linger on a while yet.  However, college basketball recruiting has never let a little thing like weather get in it’s way.  Recruiting is in full swing.

The Jays are still beating the bushes in the transfer market – as expected being Transfer U – looking at several graduate and regular transfers to augment the roster.  We lost 4 seniors to graduation and Khyri is a possible 1st rounder in the NBA Draft (mid teens to high 20’s).  Mr. Thomas has declared, but no agent as of yet.  I fully expect Khyri to turn pro as his stock will probably not get higher with a senior year campaign.



The Jays are looking at several graduate transfers:  Joe Cremo (Albany), Matt Mooney (SDSU), Zach Johnson (FGCU), among others.  Cremo and Mooney have visited the Hilltop, but no word yet on a decision.  Word is (from the staff) that the Jays have the lead position with Cremo…Mooney is down to TT, NW, and Creighton.  He will visit TT next Tuesday.  Johnson committed to U of Miami.

New guy – Grad Trans is U of W Milwaukee’s SG Brock Stull, 6-4/195.  13ppg.  38% from 2 and 3, 74.5 FT

joeCremo2  mmooney5  brock-stull

No visit yet for Stull although CU is listed in his Top 5.  It should be noted that Stull is very familiar with former UWM coaches now at Minnesota and Butler.

Among the regular transfers CU has major interest in PGs Koby McEwen (Utah St) and Malachi Flynn (Wash St), sit 1, play 2.  McEwen is down to his final 3 schools while Flynn has 5-6 on his list.  McEwen committed to Marquette this week.  Flynn visited CU on 19 Apr 18 and San Diego St. last weekend.   Word is a decision/choice btwn us and SDSU is forthcoming.



Here’s a recent article on transfers that lists many of them, though not exhaustive.…&utm_source=twitter&__twitter_impression=true

The Jays are looking to land at least 2 transfers.

On another front.  The Jays have 1 unexpected additional scholie.  Word on the BJU/BJB/Twitterverse is that the staff is getting in/back in on some guys they had previously looked at earlier.  No word on who they’re looking at or whether they will elect to hold it for 2019.  As it now stands we have 1 Sr for 2019 and over 20 recruit candidates.  I’d personally like to pickup 3 in 2019, so that means:

2 grad p/u’s and 1 regular, or 2 grads and hold 1 scholie, or 1 grad-1 regular and hold 1 scholie, or 1 regular transfer and hold 2 scholies.  We shall see what transpires.

More to come as the scenario unfolds.  All of our 3 (PG, Wing fwd, and Ctr) previous commits are signed and should be on Campus come June.  Check in with both and to keep up with the latest recruiting news.   gtmoBlue

Courtesy:  Creighton Athletics