Bluenotes Short Riff – 22Jun18


…and then there were 3.


AJ Lawson…the last Bluejay, has visited South Carolina, Creighton, and Tulane.  He has eliminated SMU and UO from further consideration.  It’s down to 3.

According to Elias Sbiet of, planned visits to SMU & Oregon have been cancelled.  AJ and family will confer through next Monday.  So a possible decision could happen next week.


Creighton checks all the boxes he’s looking for!  Expecting good news…

LE: 23June18Bluejay Banter ( has put up an article comparing AJ’s final 3 choices.- Tulane, So. Carolina, and CU.  Check it out here:

I think he comes to CU as we provide better overall development, better shot at the NBA, more exposure in the #3 conference nationally, a winning tradition and consistent NCAA exposure, and an uptempo – “fast” style of play which AJ prefers.  We shall soon see.

LE: 26June18 – “Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades…”  Close battle but AJ Lawson goes to South Carolina.


NBA Draft:  Khyri Thomas

Courtesy – Creighton Athletics

Khyri (rated 17th overall) fell all the way to 38th…out of the 1st round.  However, the Detroit Pistons, looking for players to “win now” picked up Blake Griffin from the LAC.  Detroit then traded 2 2nd round future picks to the 76ers for the 38th pick and snagged Khyri.  They have poor guards and Khyri and 42nd pick Bruce Brown (Miami) are great pickups for the Pistons.  Detroit management is very high on both and they have excellent shots at guaranteed contracts and making the team.

Marcus Foster:




Marcus has been working the workouts schedules, as he went undrafted.  Yesterday it was announced that he will play in the NBA Summer League for the Sacramento Kings.  There is a possibility he can play his way into a contract with the club.  Other fallback options are the G League or playing overseas.

Both our guys know how to work hard.  I am optimistic that both Khyri and Marcus will be successful.


Stanford grad trans Reid Travis went to UK, as expected…one of my all-time favorites.  To each their own, coulda transformed this team.

2019ers are beginning to commit…mainly at the top to bluebloods.

Nova’s 4 Jrs all got NBA drafted…3 in the 1st round.  Brunson in the 2nd round.  Congrats.

The C-Link is changing names, again.  Will be the CHI Medical Center – Omaha (the Clinic?)  Progression: Quest, C-Link, Clinic

CWS is in full swing in Omaha.  Great crowds and excitement…as usual.

Next update – Lawson decision…

Champions: If not now...when?
Courtesy: Creighton Athletics