Staccato: Zeke n Zach Show Cancelled

But Reef puts on a performance…Solo!


Creighton targets Zeke and Zach made other plans.  Nnaji narrowed his list to elites only and Harvey re-opened his recruitment and reclassed to 2020.  With that the Jays Nation expectations nosedived.  We are in a lull before the fall signing period and things are exceedingly quiet.

Courtesy: Bluenotes2

Fortunately the Jays did have 1 commit (2 open scholies) in 2019 PG Shereef Mitchell.  Reef is an local Omaha area Top 150 product and I expect his stock will continue to rise over the course of this season.  He’s a very good athlete, smart, and may still be growing.  It’s still early and anything can happen.  However, If we only get 1 commit for 2019 that will be more than enough.  Shereef Mitchell has starpower, talent, and is a very tough, hardnosed player.  A class of one?  More than enough for this Creightonian!

Just saw this on his twitter feed…Reef Mitchell sportin’ the new Jays home uni… and his Mom sporting the new road jersey as well.  Nice…  Enjoy!





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Shereef photos courtesy: Creighton Athletics


Excellent player.  Photogenic, with an infectious smile.  Way to go Reef!   Lookin’ good in that Creighton uni!  The 2019 Class is in great hands.


Courtesy: Creighton Athletics