Mining the Transfer List Cache


Jays hit the Transfer Trail again after middling success with 4 year recruits.


Creighton returns to mine the cache of transfer players after limited success in landing 4-year recruits.  To date, the Jays have landed Ctr Ryan Kalkbrenner as their sole incoming frosh player.  It seems that the staffs’ focus has shifted with only SG Kerwin Walton and PF Dan Batcho left as primary potential frosh candidates.

There are well over 400 transfer players to date, and growing.  Creighton has their bid in with at least 10 prospective transfers, that we know of.  Most are guards, with ex-OSU PG DJ Carton as one of the primary targets.

Courtesy – OSU Athletics


Creighton has had tremendous success in the transfer market.  Transfers have played a major role for CU going as far back as Brody Deren (NW) in 2000-01, Jeffrey Day (UWash) in 2004-05, Chad Millard (Louisville) in 2006-07, and Big Gregory Echenique (Rutgers) in 2009-10.  Most of our “transfers” back in the MVC days were via the JUCO pipelines.  The 2009-10 Bluejays team is one of my all-time favs – plenty of Jucos.  Recent players such as Cole Huff, Mo Watson, Marcus Foster, Kaleb Joseph, Connor Cashaw, Kelvin Jones, Denzel Mahoney, Damien Jefferson, and Antwann Jones have all become Bluejays via transfer.  All the mentioned players have had a positive impact on the program.

The 2020-21 team is expected to be one of the best, if not the best team in Jays history.  Continued success in mining the transfer portal Creighton.  All the best to you, as the best is yet to come!

Roll Damn Jays!

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