Ins and Outs…

While not quite a revolving door like the UKs, Dukes, and KUs…we have a bit of movement this offseason.  



Center Kelvin Jones, a 5th-year grad transfer, has exhausted his eligibility.  SG Davion Mintz, a Senior 4-year player who redshirted this season due to injury, is leaving as a Graduate Transfer.  Also Freshman SG Jalen Windham is transferring.


Where did they go?  Kelvin Jones has exhausted his eligibility so it will be interesting to see where he lands…NBA, G-League, European Pros, Asian Pros?

Davion Mintz has graduate transferred:  U of Kentucky!  That’s correct.  He will be playing for Coach Cal next season.  A shock and surprise to many Jays fans.  😉

Jalen Windham has transferred:  Ball State University, in Indiana.  Should be a good fit for Jalen.


The Jays have had 4 scholarship players transfer in the past four seasons — Kobe Paras in 2017, Ronnie Harrell in 2018 and Windham/Mintz this week.

Creighton now has three open scholarships for the 2020-21 squad. The Jays’ 2020 recruiting class already has Ryan Kalkbrenner, a 7-foot prospect from St. Louis. They’re reportedly one of six finalists for 2020 guard Kerwin Walton, out of Hopkins, Minnesota.


The Jays are actively pursuing possible additions through the transfer market.  Prospects  PG DJ Carton (Ohio St), SG Aaron Estrada (St Peters), and Fwd Trey Murphy (Rice) are 3 of the primary targets.


Stay tuned…



*unmarked photos courtesy of Creighton Athletics.