Sami’s a Jay!

Kid has “make history” written all over him!


Sami O_2


Mac has taken a page out of the early 2000’s playbook.  Picked up a kid that has definitely been under-recruited, overlooked, underestimated. Feels exactly like a “back in the day” 2-3 star recruit, when we picked up the 1st Korver or Nate Funk.

Somethin’ about Sami and his game?  😉   Everything to like about him.  Smart, shifty, sneaky athletic, good BBIQ, and there is something intangible, something else, like I’ve seen him before…a feeling that I got while watching his vid.  He’s a guy we would’ve recruited back in the day and even throughout the DA Era.  He’s a guy that has the potential to become a glue guy.  The kinda kid folks will wind up asking; “where did they find this Osmani kid”?


Them boys snagged a good one and I just became a fan


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All Righty then Sami.  You done real good…excellent decision.  You’re gonna shock and awe a lot of the so-called experts.  Welcome home, Sami.  Welcome to the Hilltop!
Ol’ Mac is full of surprises, eh.  Nice one Coach.  Give Sami the Tyler Clements minutes…he will surprise us all.  😉
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