Bluenotes Site Update

Bluenotes is currently undertaking a major facelift. We have tied our various sites together under one banner. We have updated our site theme and style. We are introducing ads, monetization (donations), and new features to bring Bluenotes into the current century.

As for monetization, we are seeking voluntary donations and making ad space available to bring in financial support to the blog. The blog will remain open and no subscribers. Bluenotes is adding a Patreon page with subscribers/tiers/rewards as another means of income. There will be one or two other new feature arrivals in the near future, but Bluenotes blog will carry on as a free site.

I am pleased and proud to announce that Bluenotes is bringing in fresh, young writing talent to improve and boost content outputs. We look forward to successful and profitable relations with our new professional associates.

Our 1st new paid contributor talent is Zac Voynow, of Philadelphia, PA. Zac is a talented and prolific young writer who has had numerous featured articles on Fox Sports, Busting Brackets, and The Comeback.

Zac will be creating feature content for Bluenotes: Primary Big East coverages and select topics series of articles. He will also create select feature content for Patreon subscribers.

He is a senior at UNC Wilmington where he’s studying sports journalism and finance. He previously made prolonged stops at Busting Brackets and The Comeback sports news sites.

Zac is a lifelong Philly sports fan and is planning on writing in the Phanatic for president in 2020.

Welcome aboard Zac. Bluenotes is happy to have you on the Team!

courtesy: Big East Conference