Trial Balloon: 2020-21 Basketball – to be or not to be? Grzegorek 

NCAA releases candidate Basketball start dates under consideration.

NCAA releases prelim data to CBS Sports: R. Dauster report.

“The NCAA is in the preliminary stages of considering four potential start dates for the 2020-21 men’s and women’s college basketball seasons, sources told CBS Sports. The NCAA provided a timeline document to conference commissioners late last week, obtained by CBS Sports, that details the review and approval process on starting the forthcoming season. 

Sources said NCAA senior vice president of basketball Dan Gavitt communicated to conference commissioners late last week that the four timelines depicted below are up for discussion: 

Option 1   

First practices allowed: Sept. 29
First day of season: Nov. 10 (No change to start of season)

Option 2

First practices allowed: Oct. 9
First day of season: Nov. 20 

Option 3 

First practices allowed: Oct. 14
First day of season: Nov. 25

Option 4

First practices allowed: Oct. 24
First day of season: Dec. 4 “

Those dates are not the only dates being discussed, but they are the primary trial balloons the NCAA is launching for consideration.

Between now and Sept. 1st many various NCAA committees and coaching organizations will meet, discuss, and make adjustment recommendations. Recommendations will be run past the NCAA Covid-19 MAB. They hope to have hard proposals/models by the 1st week of September to submit to the NCAA Division 1 Council.

The D1 Council will study, deliberate, and make a decision by Sept 16th, 2020.

A followup meeting with the D1 Council is scheduled for 13-14 October, 2020 to adjust the model, if needed.