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Frosh Recruits PG Rati & PF Modestas:  Official

Folks have been discussing the arrivals of Frosh recruits Rati Andronikashvili and Modestas Kancleris, and whether they will have trouble getting into the U.S. Immigration has been a tough nut to crack during the current administration, with the Covid-19 pandemic making matters worse. Back on August 4th, in an Omaha World Herald article, Coach Mac anticipated the duo making it into Omaha late. Rati & Modestas will also have to endure a 2 week isolation upon their arrival. The main thing is that they arrive in the Big O.


Earlier this week (Thursday), Tim Krueger of BluejayBanter.com, stated the new euro recruits were expected in on Friday, Aug 21st. Everyone (fans) is/are hoping that will be the case.

Confirmed: Both Rati and Modestas are on campus in Omaha.

Creighton photo…BE Champions

RDJ (Roll darned Jays)! 😉