Covid-NCAA Series

“An examination of the impacts/effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on the NCAA Basketball season of 2020-21.”

Let’s start September with a seven part series on the “Covid-NCAA Season”.  Bluenotes will lay out the case for the 2020-21 NCAA Basketball season based on the current known factors, the NCAA’s plan to date, media and NCAA projections to date, and our seasoned opinión. Our Zac Voynow will present the series and the NCAA’s case throughout September, with a continuing series article every week.

Series Prologue –

Arguments for a College Basketball Season – To Heck with Covid-19.

Followed by:

2)    5 Possible starting dates for the Covid-NCAA College Basketball Season

3)    3 NCAA Regular Season Covid Bubble plans: Which will work?

4)    Full Basketball season vs Conference-only season: Which will win?

5)    2021 NCAA March Madness in the Covid Bubble.

Series Epilogue –

6)    Life after Covid-19: We can rebuild it.

7)    Covid Repeats:  A brave new world.

Bluenotes presents the particular pros and cons, as we currently know them, of the season while we await the initial NCAA season start decision of Sept 16, 2020. The idea is to lay out the possibilities, down select to the favorable probabilities, and to forecast the most likely scenarios.

Should be fun.