Coach Huss – “Stayin n Playin”

Offers from Several Programs for his Services

Coach Alan Huss

Back on May 11th I detailed the saga of the U of Illinois offering “Big Bucks” to lure away Creighton’s Lead Recruiter, Coach Alan Huss. Little did I know it was a bigger deal than that.

Pound for pound…the Best!


Coach Alan Huss – Top 10 Recruiter.

Today, Coach Mac Tweeted out that Coach Huss is staying on the Hilltop. His tweet was shortly followed by a tweet and short article blurb by According to an article and tweet by –

The 247 tweet implies several schools – not just the Illini – had reached out to Coach Huss.

As I had detailed back on the 11th, Illinois had offered a boatload of Dinar to lure coach away from Omaha. The Illini offer was the only public offer known to be on the table. Jays fans, although sensing a positive outcome were wondering what was taking so long for an announced outcome. Many thought there would be no announcement and proceed on/business as usual. Today marks the first indication that other suitors were in the mix for Coach Huss. It should be noted, that 247 offered no information regarding these other schools that were reportedly involved.

Bottom Line: Huss is a top level recruiter and an excellent coach. I am just pleased as punch that AD Bruce Rassmussen dipped into the McDuck Bin and scooped up enough cash and benefits to keep Alan Huss aboard as a key element of our basketball program. It is home and he wanted to stay. Next time, the circumstances may be different with a differing outcome. But this time it was imperative to hold serve and retain a critical asset, as we strive towards our program goals. As coach and recruiter, Coach Huss is worth twice whatever it cost to keep him!

Alan Huss photo

We are not Lil’ Creighton anymore. We wear Big-boy pants now and as such gotta “pay the costs to be the boss”. HR continuity, protecting the program, and retaining key assets are integral parts of corporate Continuity of Operations plans. Time to develop a separate bucket for these types of contingencies.

This is a great lesson, as it probably will not be the last time a football fiver will come at us. Way to step up to the plate Fr. Hendrickson and AD Bruce Rassmussen, to protect homeplate. Being Hilltop Administrators… I know it hurts a bit as Creighton is close with its’ money. But in this case, it’s money & benefits well spent. Tip o the hat to ya – another feather in your bonnet!

Way to go Prez n Rass!