Feliz Cumpleanos!!

Way to go gtmo, USA, and the Western Hemisphere…

Congrats to all for making it another year. Perpetually 39 leads to a bit of boredom for immortals. Here’s wishing you ALL a Happy Birthday and all the success you can handle!

July is a big celebratory month in the Western Hemisphere. Seven countries celebrate their independence this month.

July 1 – Canada

July 4 – United States

July 5 – Venezuela

July 9 – Argentina

July 10 – Bahamas

July 20 – Colombia

July 28 – Peru

Wishing continued success, prosperity, and freedom for the peoples of these great nations.

Congrats to the visitors and followers of Bluenotes for another year as well.

ALL the Best to you and yours on this 4th of July, 2021.