Meaningless Summer Ball…yeah.

Our guys @ FIBA U19 /FIBA AfroBasketball

Summertime and the living is easy. Time for a little fun, a little celebration, and a bit of FIBA hoops. At the U19 games and the AfroBasket games our guys are having a ball. Hot fun in the Summertime. Observers, pundits, & naysayers all say it means little to nothing. I say our guys gain more from this competition than playing in the local summer league at home. The travel, the camaraderie, the sightseeing, making new friends, etc. It’s all good.

Ryan Kalkbrenner for the USA, Ryan Nembhard for Canada, and Arthur Kaluma for Uganda – all playing for God and Country. Great experience and travel for these young men. Great growth experience as well. And they are playing well to boot!

Uganda Highlights…

Canadian Highlights…

USA Highlights…

Enjoy the Summertime hoops fellas. More to come.