Jays Land TCU Transfer Guard

TCU’s Farabello

Argentine Shooter is Accurate, Reliable

The transfer portal is in full swing…with just 2 weeks left in this year’s cycle. Many of the faithful (me too) were thinking that Creighton had to go full bore, looking to replace scoring lost by 2 outgoing transfer teammates. Ryan Hawkins-13.8 ppg and Alex O’Connell-11.8 ppg accounted for 35.7% of total scoring this past season. Given this Jays squad was low scoring as a whole at 70 ppg, as compared to seasons past, this appeared to be an issue…at least on the surface of things.

Bluejays – Let it Fly

However, as time passed in the portal it recently became evident, that the staff was not looking for a pure shooter/athletic scorer. The underlying belief is that our 4 sophomores/1 RS Frosh will make the standard sophomore jump, as they now have a full season of experience under their belts and have a full grasp of the system, along with the experience of playing at the Div 1 level through late March. So getting another Hawk or AOC is not needed. What is called for is another wing for depth…a seasoned, experienced, and accurate wing to augment the current rotation. Enter Francisco Farabello.

Frankie has been a consistent and vocal leader for Jaime Dixon’s crew in Ft Worth. Whether he was asked to play a little or a lot. He answered the call. He’s a team player and a glue guy. He has weathered injury and rebounded to contribute as required. This past season he bounced back from the injury season of 2020-21 to contribute in 30 games/7 starts. Francisco averaged 20 mpg in his 2 non-injury seasons at TCU and has career splits of: 40% FG, 40% 3PT, 81% FT. I believe the word is he has 2 years of eligibility left. Coach Miller knows him very well and spearheaded the efforts to bring Frankie to the Hilltop. He, along with Reef, Rati, John C., and Ben, will bring experience and scoring off the bench this season.

While I was surprised to see the interest, given the popular fan notion we’d go after a hi-rep/hi-percentage shooter. This is a good pickup, good addition for the Jays. Provides another team player/glue guy and doesn’t undercut the chemistry already built by this team. Frankie adds a good ‘changeup’ to lineups, gives the starters opportunity for a break, while maintaining continuity and tempo for the team. He’s a guy who can also provide a lift when needed, coming in to hit a few 3s to break a drought or build a lead. Lastly, should the injury bug strike, Francisco has the chops to start, to play all game, as needed.

Good transfer pickup for depth for this Preseason Top 10 team. Way to go Jays.

NOTE: According to Jays insider Helmzy, Creighton will get an OV by 2022 Ctr Fredrick King, 6-10/220 (4-Star, Rivals) on Tuesday, the 19th of April. King is a Louisville decommit (after the departure of Coach Mack). Fredrick is from Andros Island, Bahamas, by way of the NBA Academy, Mexico City, MEX. Jays staff has been going after him hard (again). Fingers crossed to get the commitment from Fred.